Arpillera from Peru

Made in the shanty towns of Lima,

supported by the Anglican Church

Contact Nick or Chris: phone or text 07896 162461 or

  • Arpilleras - Tree
  • Shanty Towns of Lima
  • Arpillera Waistcoat
  • Arpillera - Ladies
  • Oven Mitts
  • Arpillera - Assorted
  • Arpillera - Tiago

The marvellous detail, vivid colours so typical of South America, and the heart of each artist, make every piece of Arpillera a wonderful unique gift for anyone

Purchase from a selection of different articles and designs. Please explore this small website to find out more about Arpillera and the project.

We have very little stock remaining

Collage from Shanty Towns in LimaWe, Chris and Nick, have wound down our UK based support talking about and selling items of Arpillera on behalf of the project under the auspices of the Anglican Church in Peru after 20 years. The Peruvian project is continuing, associated with the Church, but under the auspices of an NGO - FE Y ACCION CRISTIANA DE ESPERANZA (FEACE) - (FEACE - Faith and Christian Action of Hope).

If you would like to help to sell Arpillera and continue support in the UK, please contact us and we'll put you in touch with FEACE. We would love someone to take over from us.


There is so much to see in each piece that every time you look you will see something different, encouraging you to look and wonder, over and over again. It will also become a real talking point for your visitors. The variety of texture in the materials use and their colour is so typical of South America.

Your purchase will benefit some of the poorest people in Lima, the capital city of Peru. Our Church works with residents of the Shanty Towns who have no natural resources at their disposal and who live in the poorest of self-built accommodation.

The ladies are paid a good and fair price for their work in the projects run by the Church. In addition, through making a small “profit”, all of which is sent back to Peru, we are able to develop further groups, to help members of existing groups and their families who have health or other problems, and help even more of these poor people and their families to better their lives.

For more about how  the income is used - see our Background page

Please look at our background page for more information on the history of Arpillera in Peru and of the project and to view some photographs of the ladies at work and their environment. Our prices page will give you details of prices of individual items and an indication of postage costs. Our examples page shows you some photographs of the items which can be ordered.

Products - visit our Examples page - and Newest lines

Small panels - approximately 6" x 4" - ideal for mounting in picture frames; and a "kitchen tidy" - a decorated sleeve to hang on the wall and into the pocket of which you can save notes etc. (originally designed as a single oven mitt)

There's the new style Advent Tree, Cafetiere Cover, Star. See also our lines in woven figures (£3.75 or £14.00 for pack of 4) plus postage at cost. Follow the link to our Examples page.


We have stock !

Due to problems as a result of Covid-19, our stocks had not been able to be replenished since 2020. However in mid-May 2022 we had a large order shipped from Peru and in early October, we had a further large delivery.
We normally hold some stock - variable throughout the year. Email us for up-to-date details. If we haven't got what you want, we will reserve items from the next delivery - you do not pay until you receive the item(s).


Download our Arpillera Leaflet

Peru and Covid

Peru continues to suffer badly from the Covid pandemic and in particular the poorest parts of the country, both cities and remote villages.
Please pray with us that the situation is eased as soon as possible.

Link to The Diocese of Peru Arpillera Project UK Facebook Page


Click to view a short YouTube video of the ladies at work.

Bishop of Derby's Harvest Appeal 2013

Is in aid of the establishment of mission in Chiclayo. Please follow this link for information and further videos of our Church's work in Peru.

Music CDs

A group of musicians from the Shanty Towns who practice and play in the Anglican Church of Jesus of Nazareth have recorded a CD of typical Peruvian style music with an Anglican religious theme. We have a few copies of the CD available at £5 plus postage at cost. We can even provide you with a translation sheet to accompany the CD !


Our prices reflect the amounts paid to the ladies with a surcharge to cover carriage from Peru and a small profit (to return to the project).  You may, of course, wish to make a small donation in addition to your payment for orders - all of which will go back to the project.

Download updated 2022 Price List 

We've endeavoured to hold UK prices as best we can whilst increasing payments to the ladies and absorbing exchange rate deterioration. But we've had to apply some small increases.

Talks and Presentations

Outdoor display stall

This is an example of our Outdoor Display stall.

Arpillera Stole delivered for Bishop Gregory Cameron of St. Asaph, WalesIf your group would like Nick to come to show some photos of Peru, talk about the work of the Church in Peru and especially the Arpillera work in the Shanty Towns - and show a short film of the project at work - , please contact him (within reasonable traveling distance of Chesterfield please).

Our picture above shows a spectacular stole delivered to Bishop Gregory Cameron, St. Asaph, Wales in late 2009.

Speaking Calendar

We hesitate from offering talks at present as we have little or no stock to sell and cannot as yet see when we're likely to receive it. By all means please contact us at any time and ask what is our up-to-date situation.

Please see our Talks page for general details about talks.

Some quotes from the ladies themselves:-

"With my work I send you the peace of God. May it lighten your life like the sun and moon brighten the day and the night."
"We dedicate our art with much love, caring, and a big strong hug for all. Even though you are far away, you are in our hearts."
"I hope this finds all of you who have given us work in good health. I hope you spend time with your families and that they are all in good health. Thank you for everything. May god bless. I will continue to work for my children."
"May your heart be filled with peace, love, and happiness. Thank you for your help. It helps me and my family. We have you in our hearts and prayers. May God bless you and your family."

Some of our Letters / Emails of thanks

Hello Nick,
Many thanks for the 2 stars which you brought to me at the Cooperative Women’s Guild last night-they are beautiful and much appreciated as I now can give them to my daughter in laws for Christmas as I am sure that they will love them.
Could you please order a Noah’s Ark wall hanging for me with your next order. I know that it will be some time and that the prices may well be different next year but that will be ok.
Thanks and regards
Mrs Aileen Copeland

(1) Dear Nick, the arpillera has arrived and it is more beautiful than I could have imagined. A cheque is in the post. Please could I order two more, ie, two market scene cushion covers? One for my lovely Mum and one for me! I realise they will cost more this time – and will take a long time to come!
Thanks so much, Revd Terrie Robinson
(2) Hi Nick.
Now back at my desk and have safely received my wonderful arpillera.
(Revd) Terrie Robinson

Dear Nick,
You beat me to it. I was about to get in touch to thank you for a lovely evening. I know the ladies really enjoyed your excellent presentation and were bowled over by the sheer vitality and quality of the textiles.
Elaine Ward, Dronfield Inner Wheel

Hi Nick,
Thank you so much for sending the Christmas Star and Noah's Ark through... they are just beautiful!
Many thanks. Best wishes
Chloe Smith

Dear Nick and Chris,
Everyone is delighted with the embroidery.
Jenifer Jackson,
St. Lawrence M.U. (Mansfield)

Many thanks for the Arpillera from Peru, they are beautiful and will make great Christmas gifts
Janet Wilson,
Yorkshire Countrywomen’s Association

Dear Chris and Nick
I am delighted with my order (2 Stars and Christmas Tree).
Carole Kirkham, Coal Aston W.I.

Dear Chris and Nick
I am absolutely delighted with my two blue stars and market scene and wish the “Ladies of Lima” and the Church’s project in Lima all the very best.
Ann Woodley, Yorkshire Countrywomen’s Association

Dear Chris and Nick
I am so thrilled with the Noah’s Ark cushion cover. I have given it to my friend’s granddaughter. She is three months old and is fascinated by it. I hope she will treasure it as it deserves.
Keep up the good work.
Christine Donald

Dear Nick
I am absolutely delighted with the Noah’s Ark cushion cover. Originally, I was purchasing it for my first (and then only) grandson but, since your visit, I have learned that I now have another two grandchildren on the way, so I’m afraid I’ve decided to be selfish and keep the cushion cover for myself.
It will now reside in the cot we are keeping at our house for visiting grandchildren so, as well as being Noah’s Ark, it will also be known as “Granny’s Ark”! We look forward to exploring it with our grandchildren.
Thank you and I wish the Church project in Lima every success.
Rosemary Chappell, Yorkshire Countrywomen’s Association

Dear Nick,
I heard you speak about the sewing project at Dronfield WI and was delighted with the Christmas tree that I bought! I wonder if you could come to do your talk to the Dronfield Trefoil Guild ( retired Guide Leaders!!) ?
Kind Regards, Meryl Simpson

Dear Nick and Chris
I have received the spectacle case and wallet - they are lovely. The wallet for my grandson is very nice - he will like that. Thank you very much for getting all the products for me.
Ann Czerwionka

Hello Nick
What fabulous craftwork!
Regards, Marian

Dear Nick,
The stole arrived safely today! You are right... it has so so many figures on it! Colour-filled, happy and even a bit "funny", is how we would describe it. We are both delighted with it.
Thank you, and very best regards,
Deborah Cotter

Hi Nick
Well the stole has been passed on to Kate (as a slightly early Christmas present) and I am pleased to report that it is a total TRIUMPH!
So please can you take this email as a request/order for one for me now!
Happy Christmas and best wishes